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UCSF Medical Student Research Fellowships

The Department of Surgery (DoS) funds two competitive, yearlong research awards that will fund a total of two UCSF medical students to research conducted with DoS faculty:

 Research Fellowship 1 

  UCSF-HUNT:  1 award per year

  UCSF-SURG: 1 award per year

These competitive awards are offered through the Inquiry Funding Office. Along with $34,800 (may change by year), the award also provides UC Health insurance (if needed) and loan capitalization payment (if applicable). Acceptance of the grant includes graduation with Distinction. 

 These fellowships were established to support the DoS’s goal of encouraging UCSF medical students to explore surgery as a discipline in general and surgical research as a pursuit in specific.  The yearlong experience is intended to be immersive, providing the motivated student with both academic and clinical opportunities that come part and parcel with embedding within a busy, vibrant, and diverse UCSF DoS.  Participating in a full year of research at UCSF guided by expert mentors provides medical students with the opportunity to experience first-hand this environment of academic excellence, inquiry, and collaboration.

Applications in any research topic and methodology will be considered, including clinical, basic or translational science, disparities, health services, education, quality, or prevention of surgical disease.


Past Fellowship Recipients

Previous UCSF-HUNT and UCSF-SURG recepients are found here: Awardees 

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